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Order Handmade Religious Vestments, Stoles & Liturgical Linens

Questions, Ordering + Payment

You can do three things on this page:  You can ask me questions, you can place an order and you can make a payment.  If you scroll down from here, you will see a ‘Message Box’.  That’s where to put your questions and that where you tell me what you want to order.  

If you scroll down further, you will see a big button that says, ‘Make a Secure Online Payment’.  That’s where you make payment – either by credit card or by PayPal account.  (if you don’t want to do either, a check works just fine.

You probably noticed that my website doesn’t provide ‘shopping carts’.  There’s a reason for this:  We’re in the process of reclaiming lost crafts – making our own vestments and linens.  If you are just beginning this journey, you probably don’t yet know what you need to order!  It’s like being a newbie gardener and opening a seed catalog: Do you want sugar snap peas or snow peas or plain old garden peas?  And, if so, why?  Or, like being sent to the hardware store to pick up a new wrench.  Well, 3/16 or adjustable?   

As you go through my website, you’re going to have questions!  (I HOPE so, anyway!)  That’s what the message box is for – questions!  I’m a teacher!  I welcome your questions! Working with you and answering your questions is my ministry.

Put your questions in the Message Box below.  

Tell me whether we’re working with linens or with vestments; if vestments, what color and what your budget requirements are.  Tell me about your sewing skill level.  Tell me about your parish.  The more I know about what you want to do, the better I can help you to do it.  Your success is my biggest priority.

You can also call me – 860-772-2520.  I’m in the Eastern Time Zone and mornings are good for me – early!

Or, email me (any time) using either the Message Box or my email –">

The Message Box is also where you can place your order.  Tell me what you want to order.  (I may want to ask you questions.)  

Put your order in the Message Box too.

For Orders and Questions

Contact me at


Making a Payment

You have a choice – you can send me a check or you can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal account.  Whichever you prefer.  

If you prefer to use a credit card or PayPal account, use this link:

Make a Secure Online Payment

Credit Cards

If you prefer to send a check, my address is:

Church Linens

205 Butlertown Road

Waterford, CT 06385


Estimating Shipping Costs

As I prepared to give you shipping cost information, I went to the US Postal Service website. The information I wanted to give you could be printed out – on 85 pages.  So much for simplicity!

I hate ‘Shipping and Handling’ charges!  I do everything I can to charge you as close to the real shipping cost as possible.  If the simple information I’m giving you isn’t sufficient, do the best you can.  I’ll make corrections and send it back to you so you’ll know how much to pay.  Yes? 

Shipping within the United States:

If you’re just ordering one item, I can usually fit it in a Priority envelope – $7.00 will be the shipping cost.  Stole Kits and the Golden Ruler ship for $7.

If you’re ordering more than one item, choose which flat-rate Priority packing box you think I’ll need for your order:

If you’re ordering a Golden Ruler and some other things too, use the larger packing box; the GR is 24 inches long.

Here’s a fabric gauge:

Shipping costs for Perkins orders brought in from England vary.

Shipping outside the United States:

Here’s how we work it:  You use the Message Box (or email me) and tell me where you live and what you’re ordering.  I give you a low estimate of the shipping cost and you pay me that with your order.  Then, when the shipment arrives, you look at the real cost and send me the balance.  Simple.  This works for us because we’re all Christians here; I almost never have someone fail to pay me the additional cost.

Base postage to Canada $22

Base postage to Australia and England $27

Thank you!  I look forward to working with you!!!

In Christ –